About us

The Captain: Captain Adam Petnuch is fully licensed through the United States Coastguard and state of Florida. With 15 years of fishing experience across North America, he does everything possible to make your experience unforgettable!

60 miles offshore. St Aug to Jax is 50 miles..

60 miles offshore. St Aug to Jax is 50 miles..

What to expect: EXPECT TO BE FISHING IN WAVES AND WIND, and hope for sun and flat seas. We travel up to 60 miles offshore, fishing trips take place in the Atlantic Ocean. Please understand that we are not fishing in a pond for bass. This is offshore fishing fishing... not for the faint of heart. The conditions in this body of water can change drastically and quickly. The weather is monitored for a week prior to your trip and even while out fishing. We do this to ensure everyones safety.

Items to remember: Please remember to bring sunscreen, drinks, water, snacks, cameras, warm clothes, and any necessary medication. Everything else you will need to fish is included in the price of your trip. Gas, bait, rods, reels, tackle, ice, and fishing licenses.

Deposits and Payment:  In order to book a trip and reserve your date, you may pay in full for your trip at the time of scheduling or leave a deposit for the day of your trip. If you leave a deposit, minimum of 20% must be made at the time of booking. If you prefer to pay with a credit or debit card for your trip in full, the balance of your trip will be authorized to your card 5-7 days prior to your trip. Cash payments are also accepted at the dock before your trip and your credit card deposit will be refunded at that point, and you will recieve an emailed confirmation. Trips are to be paid in full by one method of payment, either cash or card. Deposits are non refundable if the 7 day cancellation policy is violated! You may reschedule your trip if you provide greater than 7 days notice of the originally scheduled trip. 

Gratuity: It is customary to tip your deckhand for a job well done. If you enjoyed your trip, caught fish, and made it to and from the fishing grounds safely, do not hesitate to show your appreciation. The restaurant standard of 15-20% is a commonly used figure.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: There are absolutely no refunds for a completed fishing trip. This includes partially completed trips ended early due to sea sickness, weather, personal preference of the customer, or any other reason. Cancellation of a trip with less than 7 days notice will result in loss of your 20% deposit for that date. Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will result in a full charge for the trip price. (Excluding cancelations made by the Captain due to rough sea conditions. EX: hurricane, tropical storm, or any rough sea conditions). We fish in rain or shine, cold or hot. Conditions which we consider unsafe to fish include thunderstorms, high winds, and rough seas. These are the only conditions that will be used as cause to cancel a trip which is up to the captains discretion.

Split Trips: All split fishing trips are subject to the above policies, and the following. Minimum of 2 people must be scheduled for a trip to run. The maximum number of people will be 6. If the minimum number of passengers is not met 12 hours before your trip you will be notified of the trip being cancelled. In order to book a split trip you must pay for your portion of the trip in full, NO DEPOSITS. All cancelations must be made 7 days in advance or more to receive a refund. The boat will not return to land early for sea sickness, please prepare properly if you are concerned of getting seasick.

Sea Sickness: There are no refunds for sea sickness. If you have no experience offshore prior to your trip we urge you to take motion sickness medicine. Dramamine works well but should be taken morning of the trip before you leave your home. The medication WILL NOT WORK if it is taken while on the boat. Patches work well also but must be applied the night before your trip and worn while you sleep and the day of your trip. We will not cut the trip short for 1 passenger. It must be a unanimous decision to return to dock early. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR SEA SICKNESS, OVERHEATING, EXHAUSTION, OR ANY PERSONAL ISSUES.